Laterite road

Maintenance of laterite roads

Laterite roads, like other roadways, require regular maintenance. The peculiarity of these unpaved roads, but hosting a traffic sometimes important, required some precautions to keep a level of service adapted to the traffic.
The maintenance begins … .. at the construction stage! The cross section must have a minimum slope of 2% and the track shall not be overly wide. This point doesn’t mean much, but we must remember that the wider the road, the less it is easy to have a profile that allows the rainwater to runoff. It must be considered a width of 6 to 8 m maximum. Beyond that, it is necessary to consider a paved road.
Then, keep in mind to do a maintenance by “recharging”, and not cut the embankment. It is common to make this mistake because simpler. But by “cutting”, it is difficult to keep the cross section over the outlets. The road tends to crate and therefore no longer allow the evacuation of rainwater.
Last but not least, do not forget to maintain ditches and outlets. Without them there is no point in evacuating the rainwater. Regular cleaning, removal of branches and other obstructions of crossing pipes and culverts are essential.
In short, a laterite road requires conscientious and regular maintenance to maintain a high level of service.

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